Treasure Beach Forum: Inspirational Thoughts: UNLOCKING THE ANGEL WITHIN US.
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UNLOCKING THE ANGEL WITHIN US every one of us is an angel in waiting.Each of us can act angelically and thereby lift ourselves to a higher place spiritually as we lift others. Becoming angelic doesn't require much preparation.You can begin Wherever you are,Whatever your situation,right now.ALL you need is the desire and a little practice. OFten people don't realize the power they have to touch others'lives.I'M no angel,the voice of doubt whispers.Buteach of us sprang from divinity.The spark remains within us,waiting to be fanned by attention and use.By giving of ourselves-our time,money,and talents-we can become more angelic,one act at a time.It need not be anything big;even little acts of kindness can multiply into grand results.Anything we do that draws focus away from our own wants and needs and puts the spotlight on others increases our angelic nature. At this very moment,someone-someplace-needs an angel. They may be across the country,across town,or just across the room,Open your heart to your true divine nature, and answer the call.Because more angelic in your dealings with other people,and offer up your gifts to someone in need.Be somebody's angel-and don't be surprised when your own life improves.for it is by giving love away that love returns to us.