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"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
- Rt. Honorable Marcus Garvey

TreasureBeach.Net is now closed. You may browse the existing messages but cannot post new ones.

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It has been an honor to represent Treasure Beach through this website for the past 16 years. We do hope we have held true to Marcus Garvey's words and by doing so helped to grow and strengthen the roots of this wonderful community.

One Love and Walk Good.
-TBNet (Rebecca & Eric)

  TB Runnin's  July 01 - 10:28 am [44557]

The goal of TB Runnin's is to promote the positive vibes within this wonderful community.

This section contains and accepts postings for notifications of events like festivals, dances, and fund raising events; messages to be delivered to local residents; questions pertaining to a guest's visit to Treasure Beach; etc.

  Web site redesign  April 10 - 09:49 am [61]

In honor of the tenth anniversary of this web site, we are going to update it with a new design and new features. We'd love to hear any of your ideas. Please note that we can't promise that we'll add your ideas, but we'll certainly listen to them. Also, we may not publish all posts that are made in this topic.

  Birth, Death, Marriage, Congratulations, etc.  June 28 - 03:48 pm [8014]

This section has postings for notifications of events like births, deaths, marriages, congratulations, etc.

  Lost to the Sea  August 04 - 07:31 pm [734]

A memorial to those men, women, and children from the Treasure Beach area who have lost their lives to the sea.

  Profile  December 12 - 02:09 pm [1308]

Welcome to Profile Of The Month, a short biography on local residents written by Sandy Bank Primary students. You may leave messages for each individual profile. Please click on a Month to view it.

  Dem Good ole Days   April 15 - 06:25 pm [1775]

A place for the homegrown 'Treasurites' to reflect on their growing up years and pass their knowledge and history to the next generation.

Please submit your anecdotes, particularly striking stories,
pictures, and remembrances of growing up and living in Treasure Beach.

This feature is due in part to some prodding from hometown boy, Earl Moxam, a respected journalist.

  What's New  May 14 - 10:25 am [931]

A list of new items added to this site and new events in and around the community.

  Inspirational Thoughts  June 24 - 07:01 pm [2860]

Inspirational Thoughts from Dr. Glasceta Honeyghan, Treasure Beach native and author of such books as:
Unexpectedly...a freshness.
Father Sleeps with the Mudpies

And two newly released works:
Follow the River Home
Stop Blaming Me For My Mother's Sins.


  ID-It?  June 16 - 11:52 am [504]

See if you can answer the who, what, or where questions about these pictures.

  What's New Archive 2001-2002  December 19 - 05:49 pm [56]

Contains all What's New announcements from 2001 to 2002.