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This is a great new part of the site. Very interesting and a wonderful look into your world. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Having travelled all over the world, I am never more convinced that we had it all in Treasure Beach. Values well taught, love, godliness,humility, kindness,wonderful parents and friends. Nothing in the world could replace this. We were blessed. Love you all -


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Source: Jamaican Jokes

Let your mind take you back to those ole Jamaican days ...

At primary school: - an icy mint was 1 cent - a fudge was 5 cents - free vegetable patties - free cows milk, cherry milk - free uniform material

Walking through the malls in Constant Spring at Christmas, lighting sparkles. The song "Arlene a musi dream yu deh dream"

Far less crime and poverty;
Ring Ding when it was in black and white, or Colgate Cavity Fighters club. Sunday Matinee in black and white.

Running between the roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl, scrambler and bumper cars at Coconut Park.

J.O.S. buses.

Paper fifty cents.

"Hello, my name is Tamara Dobson ... even though you may know me as Cleopatra Jones."

The radio soap opera "Dulcemina"
CeeBert. Toppsi and Epiphany night clubs. A.P.I. TV programming, shortly followed by JAMAL - Into the Light.

When splinter was called grass bottle and mirror was looking glass.

When travelling after SIX, the only thing to be afraid of was DUPPY!

When people went to parties to dance with each other, not to cut a pose.

When school children looked like scholars.

The "Fortunes of Floralee" radio soap opera.

"Please ah beggin u sumting for mi two kids dem mam" ... "JUDITH!!? JUDITH SMITH, the maths brains from Primary school who used to help me?!"

Schools Challenge Quiz with Dennis Hall (or Dennis Hall himself for that matter!)

Fun-For-All video game house.

Ina Pine's weather forecasts: Kingston, 85 degrees and sunny; Montego Bay, 85 degrees and sunny, Negril 85 degrees; Port Antonio, 85 degrees and sunny; Spanish Town, 85 degrees and sunny; Mandeville, 70 degrees and partly cloudy".


The New Market floods.

Shouting repeatedly at the tuck-shop: "One patty an' coco-bread an' a box juice an' a drops!", until you were acknowledged. Buying paradise plum, icy mint, sky juice, suck-suck or busta through the fence.

Black Heart man stories. Anansi and Bredda Rabbit stories.

The Back Tax Axe TV commercials. Lawd, Ah confused "... Ello, Carltons..."

Shelly-Ann Jeans: No one can, like Shelly-Ann. When "Roaches" were the shoe fashion; a "Napoleon" was the hair style choice for guys (who could grow enough hair)

"Big League Football" on Sunday afternoons.

Peter Red and Peter Blue

Sleeping one night when the father vision Iya, said a want you to be anodda followa of I ... (Ras Karbi) Long haired freaky people need not apply.

Red Floor polish and coconut brush.

GBs and Bata Hurricanes

Car sweetie and ju-jup

1 cent bus fare, 2 cent bus fare, 5 cent bus fare

Bullo slush at primary school; snow cone, then later sky juice

Transparent burgundy lipstick and Theons
54 nail polish (ask any woman over 36!)

The revolving Craven 'A' box at Tom Redcam Avenue and Old Hope Road. The Kentucky 'turtle' building in Cross Roads

"Getting up Harry? Yes ma ... Lawd a still tiyad ... too much party lasí night. Suh what a mus tek? Andrews of course ...

When "T" shirt was called ganzee and soda "airated wata"; maskita one, maskita two, maskita jump inna hot callaloo

In the middle of a fight "HOT PATTY, HOT PATTY box it nuh if yu brave"

"I'm a Horlicks kid, soon I'll be Horlicks big ..."

Pass the dutchie pan di lef' han' side ...

King Kong, (especially the wicked real orange juice version of King Kong); plus kisko pops and 1/2 pint cherry milk

"Spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can"

"Love is all I bring, inna mi khaki suit an ting" - Inna mi diamond socks and ting - Uptown Top Ranking

Lets not forget those good ole days in Jamaica.