Public Transportation

Public transportation is the least expensive way to get around. And there is a reason for that. It can be very crowded, hair-raising, and --ahem-- interesting, but always an adventure.

Unless you are comfortable with seven adults in the car (21 in a mini-bus), an erratic schedule, and some of the fastest driving you've seen outside of the Indianapolis 500 car race, we recommend you hire a driver or rent a car for your stay here.

However if you are the adventurous type or need to save some money, public transportation does get you where you need to go for a reasonable price. All of the main towns on the island and most of the small villages are served by either taxis or minibuses.

For comparison, to hire a driver from the Montego Bay airport is about US$140 (per car) and 2-3 hours. By public transport, its about $40 (per person) and 4-5 hours.

If you do decide to use Public, as its commonly known here, from the Montego Bay airport go to the island in front of the Departure Terminal and ask someone where the bus park route taxis are located. At the bus park, someone will undoubtedly ask you where you are going. Tell them Treasure Beach and, after trying to get you to charter them for a straight drive, they should put you on a Savannah-la-Mar ('Sav' to the locals) bus and pack you in with the other passengers. From Sav, take a Black River taxi, and from there a Treasure Beach taxi.


Notes to Remember:

  • Public transportation typically runs between the hours of 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Service on Sunday is light between larger towns and sporadic at best for smaller villages.
  • A route taxi runs a set route and picks up and drops off anywhere along the way. A charter is a hired car which does not stop for people along the way.
  • As you reach your destination, yell "one stop" and the route driver will pull over to the side and let you off.
  • On buses, you generally pay when you reach the half way point in the journey. The conductor will ask for 'all fares' at the appropriate time. In taxis, pay when you reach your destination. Never pay ahead of time.

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