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About the Creation of this Site

The concept of came together one night at a local establishment. Some of the usual crowd had gathered for sunset at the bar and a conversation between two local business owners started. They were soon joined by a third and then a fourth when the conversation once again turned to a web site for Treasure Beach. Before long some core ideas had been identified:

  • For small businesses with limited funds for advertising, a single Internet presence makes the most sense.
  • Accurately represent the area by portraying Treasure Beach's true nature as a community, not just individual businesses.
  • Act as a guide book providing correct and up-to-date information for every budget.
  • Have advertising rates affordable enough to include the whole community from plush villas to quaint rum bars.

One of the conversation's participants started the project, then realized its scope and depth required another mind. So a partnership was formed. Over the next three months the two spent long hours typing their combined Treasure Beach knowledge into this web site. Local organizations and friends were consulted. Guide books were referenced. Kittens were born under the computer desk. Pictures were scanned. All while courageously resisting the call of the sea and sun. And thus the pages before you were created.


About the Two Minds


Rebecca Wiersma moved to Jamaica in 1993 bringing with her a professional background in marketing communications, customer service, and adult education.

Since living in Treasure Beach she started Treasure Tours, currently the only Jamaica Tourist Board approved Tour Operator located on the South Coast. She provides tours and transportation anywhere on the island and books accommodations.

Rebecca resides in Treasure Beach and is an active member of the community. She is Public Relations Officer for the Treasure Girls - the first all women's cricket team from rural Jamaica, a member of the Neighborhood Watch, a contributor to The Treasure Beach Women's Group, and unofficial chauffeur to the Sandy Bank Primary School sports teams.


Eric Leversen served as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica from 1996 to 1998. He was stationed at Munro College in the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking Treasure Beach.

His responsibilities included managing the school's computer lab, working with students and teachers on environmental projects, managing the school's 225kW wind turbine, and acting as a computer consultant for the area's schools.

In the summer of 1998, Eric moved to Treasure Beach and worked with the Breds Foundation to install a computer lab at Sandy Bank Primary School and train its teachers. He also played a whole heap of Frisbee on the beach.

He is currently splitting his time between freelance web projects and working at the University of Arizona in the Program for Integrative Medicine as a web developer creating distance learning packages geared towards continuing education for medical professionals.

He can be cpntacted at for work inquiries.


'Nuff Respect Due:

Information, items, and equipment were begged, borrowed, but hopefully not stolen from the many kind people and sources listed below:

Celeste and David Anderson, managers of Siwind: scanner and smiles

Andrew Blake, graphic artist: original header graphic

Terry Brock, college friend: humoring the computer guy and a wealth of tech information

"Miss Ditty" Ebanks, Teacher at Sandy Bank Primary School: info on schools

Mr. Gordon, former owner of Little Treasure Restaurant: keeping us fat and happy

Guilty, friend, enhanced map

Jason Henzell, owner of Jake's: use of the digital camera, provider of sunset drinks

Mrs. Moxam, principal of SandyBank Primary School: getting the monthly profile to us, providing information on schools and...letting us borrow a monitor from the school when ours blew up half way through the project

Arnie Richter, owner of Trans Love: instigator, reviewer, and guidance

Ted Tatham, owner of Blue Marlin and Coquina Villas: Taino information

Waltabwoy, original watercolor map of Treasure Beach, editing, and style

Everyone who appears in or has provided pictures

The many others in our community who have provided encouragement, stories, and good vibes

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