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What We Are:

  • a string of sleepy fishing villages located off the beaten track on Jamaica's desert south coast

  • a community-based tourism destination involved and active in sustainable local development

  • laid back, friendly, and proud to be Jamaican



Relaxing vibes

"Treasure Beach is a gem for travelers in search of the off-beat. You won't find a more authentically charming and relaxing place in Jamaica."
- Lonely Planet

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What We Are Not:

  • a resort town with jet skis, para-sailing, and glitzy nightlife

  • competing in the rat race

  • the typical tourist trap



Deserted beaches
That its beaches tend to be less sprawling than those of other island resorts is more than compensated for by the fact that they are also virtually deserted.
- American Way

What We Offer:
  • six miles of sandy beaches, private coves, and rocky shorelines

  • four public beaches well suited for swimming, snorkeling, and body-surfing

  • an opportunity to learn about the island's vibrant culture and rich history from the people who live here

  • day trips for sightseeing, exploring, and more



Friendly people
"The first thing that strikes you about the southwestern coast is how different it is from the rest of Jamaica...You also find an exceedingly friendly population of farmers and fishermen."

- American Way


Why TreasureBeach.Net is Here:

  • to supply information to future Treasure Beach visitors

  • to provide an Internet presence for area organizations involved in education, environmental awareness, and neighborhood projects

  • to help maintain Treasure Beach's essence of a community, not individual interests

  • to further the belief that development must benefit the entire community, not just the tourism sector


"Indeed, to visit Treasure to time-trip back to the days before corporations took over Caribbean tourism."

- American Way

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