Community Organizations:

Treasure Beach is a community-based tourism destination. We care about the future of this area, its schools, and its residents. We believe that the focus of development must benefit and envelop the entire community, not just the tourism sector.

To that end, we feature area organizations working towards strengthening the backbone of the community through education, environmental awareness, neighborhood projects, etc.

We are confident that by giving them Internet exposure these groups can benefit from others' knowledge, experience, and generosity.

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Schools and Educational Institutions



Sandy Bank Primary School


Treasure Beach's local primary school had an enrollment last year of 216 students, ranging in age from 6 to 12, and employed seven teachers.

Clubs/Extracurricular activities:

- Football
- Cricket
- Athletics (track and field)

Projects to date:

Worked with Breds Foundation to:

- set up and maintain a computer lab
- build a basketball/netball court
- fence school yard as Labour Day project
- hosting literacy and computer teachers


- school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, etc.)
- educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models etc.)

It is possible to sponsor a child's school expenses at a cost of US$550.00 per year.

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Ms. Ebanks,
Sandy Bank Primary
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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Sandy Bank Basic School


Treasure Beach's local basic school had an enrollment last year of 100 students, ranging in age from 3 to 6, and employed four teachers.

Recent projects:

- Painted school's exterior
- Improved school sanitation system with new toilets


- school supplies (i.e.: paper, pencils, rulers, etc.)
- educational aids (i.e.: posters, maps, models etc.)

It is possible to sponsor a child's school expenses at a cost of US$750.00 per year.

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Ms. Paula Deleon,
876-313-3065 Sandy Bank Basic School
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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Hampton School

The sister school to Munro College, Hampton's student population is around 500 girls aged between 12 and 18 and is also known for its strong academics.

Future projects :

- Building a science laboratory with classrooms
- Installation of two new computer labs

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Mrs. Sutherland,
876-966-5161 Hampton School
Malvern PO
St. Elizabeth
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God's School

So named by 4 year old Israel from its inception. Over the past 12 years we have reached out into the communities, teaching children from the nearby fishing and farming villages.

The aim of God's School is to educate for life --the good life, the better life, the life that now is, and the life that will be forever. A knowledge and love of a personal Father God, and all that he has erected, we desire to be the fundamentals of all that we teach. And the reports of parents and teachers from other schools have been most encouraging concerning children that have passed through our school.

God's school provides education for 40 students, ages 3 - 12, taught by three teachers.  Unfortunately approximately 1/3 of the kids have not the means from their parents to pay the school fees which are JA$1000 per term. From these fees our teachers are paid. This is our greatest need and the most meaningful aid we could hope for.

Be a friend in deed.
Sponsor a child in need.
If you want to know how,
Just contact us now.

One love,
June Gay

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Miss June Gay Pringle 876-953-2383 June Pringle
PO Box 42
Montego Bay
St. James
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Malvern Science Resource Centre

Started June 10, 1992, the Centre's main purpose is to augment area school's science departments and libraries. It is a nonprofit, non-governmental institution and as such always welcome donations of any kind.

Current Projects:

- Hosted Internet classes for school teachers and environmental professionals from the island
- Various hands on environmental teaching tools covering pesticides, deforestation, and extinction
- Natural history time line
- Jamaican scientists hall of fame

"Only one Jamaican child in 5 between the ages of 11 to 13 will go to high school. Where will the others learn?"

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Dr. Randolph Watson 876-966-5917
Malvern PO
St. Elizabeth
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Community Organizations


Neighborhood Watch

The Jamaica Neighborhood Watch program started in 1986 and has grown to 555 watches across the island. The Treasure Beach program was launched in October 1998.

Projects to date:

- Developed victim support program
- Supplied air horns to community members
- Continually working with tourist liaison police officer for Treasure Beach
- Cosponsored the purchase of an additional Pedro Plains police patrol car

Contact Phone Address Contributions
George Hill,
876-965-0055 George Hill
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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The Treasure Beach Citizen's Association

"Organizing ourselves to help ourselves." A strong message of self help is embodied in the association's motto. This is a deliberate effort by the planners to always keep in mind the vital role of self-reliance in the development of the area. It means that the community must look to itself first in finding solutions to its own problems. It is felt that this is the model way for all communities to proceed in tackling their problems.

Started January 10, 1988, the Association has undertaken many projects:

- Raised money to purchase scooter for local police station
- Improved water and electrical services in the area

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Mrs. Moxam,
N/A Mrs. Moxam
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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Breds Treasure Beach

See their web site at

"Breds" is a community based, nonprofit organization which was formed in March 1998 to promote sports, education and heritage in Treasure Beach. There are seven members on the Board of Directors and a group of volunteers.

Projects to date:

- Formed and sponsor Treasure Beach United Soccer and Rippris basketball team
- Treasure Beach Hook 'n Line fishing tournament
- Treasure Beach off-road triathlon
- Started and maintaining computer lab at Sandy Bank Primary school
- Built a basketball/netball court at the Sandy Bank Primary School
- Cosponsored the purchase of an additional Pedro Plains police patrol car
- Set up CPR courses for residents

Upcoming projects:

- Build a community center
- Create a library at Sandy Bank Primary School
- Restoring some of the traditional Treasure Beach homes
- Working with the Zionsville Rotary Club on building a new wing onto God's School

Breds is funded by donations, and as such, would greatly appreciate any contribution that you could make. Checks should be made out to the Treasure Beach Foundation and given to Tanya, Director of Breds and Jake's accountant.


Contact Phone Address Contributions
Jason Henzell
Tanya Parchment
Jakes Place
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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Calabash Bay Fisherman's Co-op

The co-op was co-founded by Wilton Graham and United States Peace Corps volunteer Neil McAuliffe September 12, 1968. It has grown from a membership of 10 to a current high of 102. It is an umbrella organization meeting the needs of the fishermen throughout Treasure Beach. It is nonprofit and raises funds by selling fishing supplies.

Projects to date:

- The fisherman's assistance fund providing hospitalization and bereavement benefits
- Environmental and safety programs
- Hook 'n Line fishing tournament
- Provided floodlights and running water for all beaches.
- Raised funds for and installed the Garfield James Memorial Light to illuminate the channel for the fishermen at Frenchman's Bay

Contact Phone Address Contributions
Wilton Graham,
Managing Director
876-965-0077 Wilton Graham
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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Treasure Beach Foundation
A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Foundation

Our Mission: 

Treasure Beach Foundation is an organization which benefits the residents of Treasure Beach, Jamaica.  We work with the Treasure Beach community to provide educational opportunities to maximize the residents’ potential to lead fulfilling, productive lives.  We serve as advocates for many whose voices are often unheard.

We provide opportunities—not handouts.

About Us:

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation; this means all donations are fully tax-deductible in accordance with U.S. IRS regulations.

We have no paid staff members, pay no rent, and incur few outside expenses.  Therefore, unlike many other charities, we have absolutely minimal overhead.  This means that the vast majority of the money we raise is used to benefit the residents of Treasure Beach.

Current Project: Awarding Scholarships in Treasure Beach

Education is expensive in Jamaica.  For instance, to have their child attend a Jamaican high school (seven years beginning with 7th grade), the family must bear the full cost of transportation, books, school supplies, uniforms, lunches, snacks, lab fees, and other incidental fees.  Depending upon which public high school a student attends (determined by the results of the GSAT—Sixth Grade Achievement Test), the cost for one year of high school ranges from about $2,000 to $2,400 (U.S.).  Unfortunately, attending school is often an unaffordable luxury in Treasure Beach.

In 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 we provided scholarships (on a competitive basis) to a total of 22 outstanding students as they entered high school after graduation from Sandy Bank Primary School.  To keep their scholarships, the recipients must maintain an excellent grade point average over the school year.  Also, they must select another student (from outside their household) to tutor on a weekly basis—one way they can pass on the tradition of learning and give back to their community.  We plan to continue to award more scholarships—and shall continue to assist prior winners.  This means, so long as we are able to raise sufficient funds, this program will continue to grow in size and scope.      

We know that helping the most dedicated and promising students achieve their potential will assure them of being able to continue their education beyond elementary school, encourage them to give back to their community—and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Current Project: Mentoring Treasure Beach Students

March 2009 marked the fifth annual trip arranged by Treasure Beach Foundation for students from the University of Virginia (UVA) to spend a week in Treasure Beach, working with students from both Sandy Bank Primary School and Sandy Bank Basic School.  The UVA groups have ranged from 14 to 36 students.  (No Foundation funds are expended for this purpose.) This initiative also brings money into the community in the form of accommodations, meals, transport, and other expenses incurred by the students.

Current Project:  Providing Books, Computer Hardware, and Software to Sandy Bank Primary School and Scholarship Recipients

We raised funds and coordinated the construction of large bookcases for each classroom—plus one for the teachers—at Sandy Bank Primary School.  We are working to fill those shelves with appropriate books and learning materials.  We also provided the majority of the funds necessary to procure a high-speed copier for the school.

Moreover, we gave the majority of the salary for an assistant teacher at Sandy Bank Primary School for the 2008/09 school year because funds for this were not included in the budget from the Jamaican Ministry of Education.

We have supplied computer equipment and software to area schools, as well as for many of the scholarship recipients.

We have also provided physical improvements for the Sandy Bank Basic School, including bookcases, cabinets, and desks and chairs.

Prior Project: Hurricane Dean Rebuilding

Treasure Beach was hit with a Category 4 hurricane in 2007, causing massive damage to schools and residences.  Because we had surveyed damage, collected funds, and distributed coupons for supplies with which to rebuild after Hurricane Ivan in 2004, we were totally prepared to hit the ground running as soon as we realized the damage caused by Dean.  We collected sufficient money to assist 132 families rebuild, concentrating on those with small children and elderly who had no other means of assisting themselves.

Prior Project: Hurricane Ivan Rebuilding

Our first initiative was to collect money for the devastating emergency that resulted from Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.  Treasure Beach Foundation collected more than $20,000 (U.S.) from more than 100 donors, mostly from guests who also loved the people, but also from caring villa owners, as well as relatives and personal friends.  And, due to the generosity of so many, we were instrumental in supplying emergency rebuilding supplies to families from Fort Charles to Calabash Bay—enabling them to pick up the pieces and begin their lives anew.

What’s Needed: Financial Donations

Your donation, in any amount, will help us achieve our continuing goals.  Your donation will make a very meaningful difference in the life of an exceedingly promising student.  And, it will end up benefiting the entire Treasure Beach community.

Please make your check (U.S. funds only) payable to Treasure Beach Foundation and mail it to:
Treasure Beach Foundation
c/o Karen Kennedy
11124 Rich Meadow Drive
Great Falls, VA 22066

You may donate online (in any currency) by going to:

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. As such, you are allowed to deduct your donation in accordance with U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

What’s Needed:  Books, Computer Hardware, and Computer Software

We are doing our best to fill the shelves of Sandy Bank Primary School.  The school needs books appropriate for elementary school children, as well as for their teachers. 

The school is also in need of computer hardware and software.  There is a special need for interactive educational software.

All items may be used but must be in excellent condition.

For More Information:

For more information, please go to:
call 703/948-6543
or e-mail


President Contact Address Contributions
Karen Kennedy


Treasure Beach Foundation
c/o Karen Kennedy
11124 Rich Meadow Drive
Great Falls, VA
22066 USA
Make checks payable to Treasure Beach Foundation

How to Help



Treasure Beach Ital Farmers Association

Providing Organic Produce to the Community of Treasure Beach

  • Founded in January 2006, The Treasure Beach Ital Farmers Association (TIFA) consists of a group of local farmers committed to growing the cleanest, healthiest food possible without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.
  • The farmers of TIFA are progressive people who care about the well-being of their community, the surrounding environment, and future of food production in Jamaica.
  • Treasure Beach is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth, an agricultural area that is often referred to as the “bread basket” of Jamaica. The people of St. Elizabeth know the land and feed the people of Jamaica. However, over the years, the rich, “red dirt” soil of St. Elizabeth has become depleted by the overuse of potent agricultural chemicals. TIFA farmers recognize that now is the time to employ a different system of farming--a system that respects the environment, renews the health of the land, and provides organic food to the people of Treasure Beach.
  • The Association is funded in part by the Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation.

The Current Goals of TIFA Include:

  • Creating a market for organic produce and establishing a living wage for TIFA farmers by forming direct partnerships with local hotels and restaurants.
  • Setting up a weekly farm stand in the community selling strictly organic produce.
  • Growing TIFA to include more members across St. Elizabeth and to promote awareness of organic agriculture in Jamaica.

President Contact Address Contributions
Liz Solms,
TIFA Coordinator,

876 352 1375

N/A How to Help



Treasure Beach Women's Group

Treasure Beach Women's Group

The Treasure Beach Women's Group is a non-profit organization formed in September 2000 with the assistance of the Bureau of Women's Affairs. Our mission is to promote the advancement of women and the Treasure Beach community as a whole, through education, income producing projects, and awareness of women's health and women's issues.

Calabash Starlight
Come and see what is on sale at The Treasure Hunt Craft Shop. Treasure Hunt hours are 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Or email the Treasure Hunt Craft Shop at or call us at 876 965-3878.

The Women's Center
located on Old Wharf Road
off the main road at Kingfisher Plaza
--ask anyone--

Since our inception we have:

  • Held several Wellness Clinics, providing physical exams to hundreds of persons, free testing for HIV/AIDS virus
  • Developed an Adult Literacy Program  
  • Held monthly meetings with speakers and presentations on such subjects as Breast Self Exam, Menopause, HIV/AIDS, Neighborhood Watch, Incest, Domestic Abuse, Environment, small business management, etc.
  • Hold clothing sales for the community with goods donated by tourist and locals. Proceed from sale support the group community work
  • Co-sponsored the 2001-06 Community Christmas party, each attended by more than 175 of the area's children
  • Provided monetary assistance to many needy individuals
  • Have given Goodwill bags to needy and the shut-in every year. The bags contain staple foods, soap and other toiletries
  • Have a WALK-A-THON every year which raise funds to support charity work such as the Jamaica Aids Support For Life, Treasure Beach Ambulance Fund, etc.
  • Our new building was completed August 2005 and is used for community meetings, as a craft workshop, and as an office for our start-up business ventures

Our goals for the near future include

  • Continue our Adult Literacy Program, with a push to reach more people within the community
  • Broaden membership to include more younger women/ youth
  • Develop a youth component to our group, to stress responsible sex, parenting skills, HIV awareness, goal setting, etc.
  • Hold training workshops for the up-liftment of women
  • Continue to promote our craft business

Requested Donations

  • Sponsors to print T-Shirts displaying TBWG Logo and Sponsors Logo
  • Used clothes, shoes, books, houseware items.
  • Children's items, clothes, games, educational toys.
  • Fabric & Notions
  • Exercise equipment and DVD exercise tapes
  • DVD movies
  • Craft ideas, and supplies
President Contact Address Contributions
Vivette Taylor,

876 965-3878

Treasure Beach Women's Group
Calabash Bay PA
Treasure Beach
St. Elizabeth
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