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All Messages:

This section allows you to view and search messages from the Forum, Profile, What's New, and ID-It. Its the easiest way to see what is new since you were last here. This should be your first stop when you arrive.

Click on a New or Search link, then select a message title from the list that appears. This will display the original messages and all replies on the same page. You can then add your own reply at the bottom.



This section is where you can post messages, questions, etc. about Treasure Beach, Jamaica, or life in general.

Click the View/Post Messages link. From there you will see a list of all messages already posted and have an opportunity to leave one yourself.


Profile of the month:

The Profile is an essay about local residents written by students at Sandy Bank primary School. You can add your comments if you know the people.

Click the link to see the current profile. From there, you can add a message or go to past profiles.

What's New:

This area has messages from the TreasureBeach.Net to its visitors. New events in the community, new additions to the web site, etc. are listed here.

Click the link to see a list of messages.



Similar to the profile, but with a twist. We post a picture of a person or place, then you leave messages guessing who or what it is.

Click to view the current ID-It. From there you can add your guess or view past pictures.



Quick Guide: This page.

More Help: Click for in-depth explanations

Program Credits is a link to the makers of this discussion board software.


Differences between the Old and New Forums

1) This area is not just for the Forum anymore. It also has the Profile, What's New, and ID-It messages.

2) The table of contents (the list of message titles) is no longer along the left hand side. Its in the right hand frame.

3) When you post a message, you must first preview it to check for errors. Then you post it for everyone to see.

4) A reply is added to the original message. In the old Forum, a second message was created. Now all replies can be read on the same page as the original.

How do I post pictures and change color? More in-depth info

To do any formatting, you type a special code when you enter your message. The code is easy. Its a forward slash followed by what type of formatting. Next is the text you want to format in brackets. For example, to make something bold, use 'b' as the format type and put the text in brackets:

This is normal but \b{this is bold} = This is normal but this is bold

There's a whole list on this page, but some popular codes are:'

\blue = blue text

\green = green text

\i = italics

\image = upload a picture from your computer

Pictures are a little more complicated but not much. The code is: \image{anything}

Type this in:

This is my picture: \image{picture}

When you click on Preview, you will see this:

This is my picture:

The image with "Your Image Here" is just a place holder. When you click on the Post button you will then be asked where the image is. Either type in the location or use the Browse button to locate it. Then click on Upload. (Note this could take a long time if you send a big file. Don't click on Upload more than once.)

The new page will have your picture on it.