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The Black River boat tour begins when you climb into a local fishing boat and follow the scenic coast for about an hour, possibly spotting dolphins frolicking in the sea or cranes and other birds resting on sandbars. At the mouth of the Black River, the engine slows and the scenery changes. For the next seven miles, mangrove trees filled with a variety of birds line the shores along with reeds and ferns. Fishermen in dugout canoes collect their shrimp and crab traps amongst resting crocodiles as water hyacinth gently float past. Many visitors liken it to the African Queen.

The Sunny Island boat tour takes you in the opposite direction as Black River past the Pedro Bluff and along the cliffs where Lover's Leap towers 1750 feet above. Once arriving at the sand spit known as Sunny Island you will see it is aptly named due to its lack of trees and vegetation. A colorful reef surrounds the island and is great for snorkeling. After a few hours of swimming and snorkeling, cruise to Alligator Pond and dine at a fresh seafood restaurant located on the beach. Let your food settle while enjoying the unspoiled vista on the ride home.


South Coast Boat Tours


Min to TB
Approx 3 hours
cost varies with captain and number of people

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